App And API Workflows

Use your own APIs to query information about a Cisco IP Phone or Calling Number during the call.

Apps can control unwanted calls with actions. Block, Rename, or Redirect unwanted spam calls.

Leverage APIs to enable Cisco Callmanager to create your CRM Connector, Alert tool, or On-Call Schedule Dispatch.

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Screenshot of the Apps available in Call Telemetry

TrueSpam Call Reputation for the Enterprise

TrueSpam provides real-time Spam and Robocall Scores in a range from 0 to 100, as well as a Low / Medium / High risk that the caller is a robocall, spam call, or similar undesirable call.

Set your own thresholds - block, redirect, or rename the call.

Reputation Reports show the quality of your callers, including actions taken to mitigate undesirable calls.

TrueSpam is available as an addon to the Advanced plan.

Learn more about TrueSpam in the Docs
Screenshot of TrueSpam Reputation Filtering in Call TelemetryScreenshot of Reputation Reports in Call Telemetry

Custom API Integrations with Variables

Send real-time to any third party API.

Build your own call policy workflow - IFTT, Zapier, CRM, Hospitality, EMR, ERP - anything that supports a webhook.

Screenshot of Webhook actions in Call Telemetry