Realtime tools for Cisco Collaboration.

Made by a Collab Engineer to solve real-world problems.

Block calls with one click. No IOS rules, partitions, CSS, required.

Collab Tools for today's challanges.

Global Policy Engine

The easiest way to block calls.

One policy management for all your blocking needs. You can even share policies across clusters. No more IOS translation rule mess, or trying to sync your block lists to other routers.

Instant 911 Alerts

Realtime CDP & Subnet Data Collection

Locate your callers instantly, with details like CUCM description, CDP Switch and Port, Subnet, all cross referenced to locations that give you the most accurate location in realtime.

Spam Robocall Filtering

Reputation based filtering in realtime

We partner with TrueSpam to provide you with the best reputation filtering. Block, Rename, or Redirect calls based on your own thresholds.

Missed Call Alerts

Offline or Online, Missed calls to Email

Missed call alerts via email, even if the phone is unplugged. Any extension or pilot can be a missed call, not just a phone.

API Integrations

Webhook realtime call events to any system

A new way to share call data in realtime. Log calls to a CRM, send post-call SMS surveys, trigger an email, a callback, or even lookup a phone in your CMDB for 911 details.

Realtime Discovery

Serial, CDP, Subnet, CSV lists, Meraki, Traceroute, HTTP

Collect CDP Neighbors, Serial numbers, and Subnets. Query a phone in Meraki or similar Network Inventory tool. All this data is available for use in real-time alerts.

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One softkey to block calls

Global Block List Management

Greeting Injection

Instant 911 alerts in just 2 minutes!

Add Location Data to your 911 Alerts

QR-Code Wire Mapping Tool


Yearly base licenses below include 2500 phones.



$0 /phone

No rate limits, never expires.

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A powerful suite of tools for the Collab Community.

  • Unlimited Permit or Block Rules
  • Up to 100 numbers in the Global Block List Table
  • Greeting Injection
  • Call Modifiers
  • Basic CDR Report
  • Phone Dashboard & Remote Control
  • Unlimited Phones - Basic Discovery and Remote Control
  • Up to 1000 Phones - Detailed Discovery (CDP/Serial)
  • Up to 1000 Phones - Phone Automations (ITL / Factory Reset, etc)
  • 7 Days CDR and RIS History
  • 1 Administrator
  • 1 Cisco Callmanager Cluster


Starting at

$0.60 /phone

$1500 minimum

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Everything in Community - Plus:

  • Detailed Discovery - CDP / Serial / Subnet
  • IP Phone Automations - ITL, Factory Reset
  • Unlimited Global Blocked Call List
  • Unlimited CDR Report History
  • Unlimited Administrators
  • Unlimited Callmanager Clusters


Starting at

$0.75 /phone

$1875 minimum

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Everything in Essentials - Plus:

  • TrueSpam Filtering plans available at extra charge
  • Self Service Call Blocking via MCID Softkey
  • Self Service Call Blocking via XML Phone Portal
  • Self Service Call Blocking via Jabber Client
  • API access to Call Block List
  • Global Block List Expiration Periods
  • Global Soft Block Redirect to alternate number
  • Missed Call Alerts and Notifications


Starting at

$0.85 /phone

$2500 minimum

Request Demo Key

Everything in Advanced - Plus:

  • Call Alerts
  • Policy Apps and Webhooks
  • Realtime Phone Discovery
  • 911 Location Matching via Subnet, Switch, Port
  • QR Code Wire Mapping Tool
  • Kubernetes support
TrueSpam inspection packages start at $1,000 USD per year.
Available for purcahse direct, or through resale partners:
Interested in becoming a Partner? Email [email protected] for more info

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email [email protected] with your qustion.

How are the Subscriptions licensed?
Subscriptions are based on total phone count, per year. The cost covers subscription and support.
Do you sell internationally?
Yes, I sell and provide support to customers all over the world, all sizes, all verticals. Clients range from small businesses, up to Fortune 50s and national governments.
Do you offer MSP Licensing?
Yes, contact [email protected] for MSP pricing.
How is TrueSpam licensed?
Call Telemetry is a licensed reseller of Truespam. You can purchase packs of 100,000 caller reputation queries along with yearly subscription. Advanced plan or higher is required. Volume discounts apply.
Is this a Cloud or On-premise product?
It's self hosted using common virtualization suites - Vmware, Kubernetes, Docker. Run it privately and under any compliance regulations you need - even air-gapped.
Do you support multiple clusters?
Yes, you can connect multiple clusters to a single instance of Call Telemetry. All features are cluster aware.