Start with Community, and activate licensed features anytime.

Community Edition (Free)

An entire suite of policy and dashboard features.

  • Permit / Block Rules
  • Global Block List
  • Inject Greetings
  • Change caller/calling info
  • CDR Reports
  • Remote Control
  • Phone Dashboard

Requires: CUCM 8.0+ and Vmware, 2vCPU, 4GB Ram, 40GB

Licensed Features

Add realtime workflows to improve your compliance and productivity.

  • TrueSpam Reputation Filtering (optional)
  • Alerts via Email, Webex Teams, SMS
  • Self Service Blocking
  • Policy Apps
  • Webhook actions
  • Realtime Phone Discovery
  • Missed Call Alerts
  • E911 Location Manager
  • E911 QR Code Service
  • High Availability - Kubernetes