Flexible Call Policy Controls

  • Match anything with RegEx patterns.
  • Blacklist / Whitelist, inject a greeting, or even modify call name and number.
  • Get real-time Alerts via SMS, Email, Webex Teams
Screenshot of Call Policy Trigger Page

Modify Caller ID or Inject Greetings

  • Inject a greeting before the call continues (or before it is blocked!)
  • Modify any calling / called field. Even combine realtime data as variables to make your own CRM platform on CUCM.
Screenshot of Call Policy Modifiers Page

Alert Templates for Emergency Calls

Trigger instant alerts like Email, Webex Teams, and even send SMS text messages.

Query your own API data sources to create rich alerts with rich data, like device details, asset location, user, and device details.

You can reference Cisco Callmanager Data, CDP Neighbors, Subnet, or third party Apps and API data.

Instant 911 Alert Template VariablesInstant 911 Alert Template

Call Debug Tool

Enter calling number, called number, and a Cisco IP phone and a policy and get all the details of your policy event.

All Callmanager Discovery Data, App and API Data, and varialbes for Alert usage are revealed here.

Screenshot showing Call Policy Debug Output

Call Policy History

All call policy history is searchable, including every App or API event that happened with the event.

Screenshot Call Policy History Output